Corrugated box making machine is a machine designed for the production of cardboard boxes. Boxmaker is very easy to operate and adjust. It is characterized by very fast and precise work as well as the possibility of very easy adjustment of the machine. The machine can produce over 100 different types of boxes including 0411, partitions, trays, 0201, pallet boxes and more.

Technical characteristics:

Additional Modules

In the standard machine option it is possible to produce standard American boxes. With additional machine options, more fefco styles can be produced. Additional moduls on machine is:

Die Cutting

This option allows the production of a box that has openings or handles. It is possible to install several such cutting tools on the machine.


Cross cutting

This option allows you to cross-cut the cardboard to the desired length.


Multi cut

This option is used to create a box type FEFCO 0204, 0206 as well as cutting flaps for glue


Printing unit

  – one color
  – print area 200x500mm
  – water-based paint
  – two rubber rollers


Table feeding

Automatic feeding by the gripper from the bottom of the stack with the blanks.


Vacuum feeding

Vacuum automatic feeding gripping from the top of the stack with the blanks.


Glue unit

With the glue application, which is integrated on the machine, we apply cold glue in the same cycle of box production. With this application, we save time and streamlining the box production cycle. Especially helpful with the production of large boxes.

gluing unit

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