We might take them for granted, but they have become one of the essential items for shipping and packing.

The origins of cardboard box

First cardboard boxes were produced in England all the way back in 1817.  These boxes were produced for commercial use but they differed from the boxes we use today. They were made from paperboard and were not corrugated. It was not until 1871 that corrugated or pleated cardboard was patented and started to be used as a shipping material.
box 152428 640Only three years later, first machine for mass production of corrugated cardboard boxes was produced. Not long afterwards, in 1890, a machine that produced  pre-cut  cardboard boxes was invented.   From then on, the production of cardboard boxes soared as the demand grew.
Given the fact that cardboard boxes are versatile and customisable they have become  the quintessential packaging material when it comes to food and beverage consumer packaging, shipping, storage, small consumer goods packages. The fact that cardboard boxes are used in 90% of retail shipments is not surprising since it is  a perfect solution if you want cost effective packaging. The low cost and at the high level of protection cannot be surpassed by any other alternative.
Cardboard boxes are the right choice when looking for eco-friendly packaging. Cardboard boxes can be reused and recycled since the corrugated board, which is used in cardboard boxes production, comprises of recyclable materials such as old newspapers and used cardboard carton.