Card printing machine is used in the manufacture of packaging for printing cartons of cardboard, to a five-layer cardboard in one or more colors. Printing running in flexographic printing. Printing is done by passing already formed or unformed cartons through the rollers on which has already set up a cliche.

High accuracy when printing, as well as the number of pieces are achieved by fine-tuning the clearance between the rubber rollers that are used to color the passage of flexo plate, between the upper rubber roller and flexo plate, flexo plate between the roller and the lower shaft and rear axle pairs used for the removal of cardboard but the output box. Moving the upper shaft that carries a flexo plate, and the change of flexo plate, you can print cards of different thicknesses. The machine has adjustable speed printing with frekfetnog regulators. We make machine with manual or automatic addition of cardboard.

Technical characteristics:

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